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A Farmer’s AlphabetA Farmer's Alphabet Christina Allen Charles Long

A Farmer’s Alphabet, the latest Moonbeam award winner by Charles Long and Christina Allen, leads young readers on a walk through a sustainable farm from A to Z. In fact, Christina’s farm inspired Charles to write the poem. Get your copy here.

What’s Momma Tree? 

Momma TreeMomma Tree is the 2015 Moonbeam and Mom’s Choice award-winning first book by Charles Long and Christina Allen. Momma Tree is all about a mother and daughter. A little girl watches her Momma bend with the wind, breathe in the air, and embrace the seasons. In Momma Tree, a child and her mother journey through the warmth of spring, on through the stark beauty of winter. Their lives are tied to the life of a tree. Momma Tree was written by Charles Long, a teacher, writer, Gold_Moonbeam_LRand speaker. The magnificent illustrations are by Christina Allen, a celebrated artist and sustainable farming advocate. Get your copy here.