Malcolm Elementary, Waldorf, MD
Malcolm Elementary, Waldorf, MD

I had a great time talking to four classes at Malcolm Elementary about writing last week. So bright! There were a couple of great questions.

  • One fourth grade girl assumed I was famous (I had after all written two books). She wanted to know if I knew J. K. Rowling. I wish!
  • Another fourth grader confessed she wanted to be a writer, but was worried because she had so many unfinished stories. I laughed. Every writer I know has a bucket of unfinished stories. I told her what another writer told me. Pick one. Commit to it. No matter what, finish it. Then move onto the next.

What a great, energizing experience!

Malcolm Elementary: Kids and Writing

2 thoughts on “Malcolm Elementary: Kids and Writing

    • March 29, 2016 at 3:38 am

      Great experience. The books enable me to speak to children about writing. I subject I enjoy.


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